Agile Software Solutions is a top-notch information technology company with over 50 years of combined experience in the IT industry.

Our team has implemented in excess of 100 software solutions including but not limited to the following:

  • National identification including facial and fingerprint biometrics - Enterprise Client/Server
  • Application authentication as a middleware - Web based
  • Web registration with duplicate search as middleware - Web based
  • Time and Attendance - Desktop
  • ID badge printing with Datacard® ID Works® Identification - Desktop
  • Mining Survey - Web based
  • Supply Chain Management - Web based
  • Civil Project Management - Web based
  • Business Analysis tool - Web based
  • Online Purchasing System - Web based
  • Hospital Management - Web based
  • Property Management - Web based
  • Financial Data Transfer System - Web based
  • Legal Data Management - Web based
  • Claims Management - Web based
  • Online Gift Store - Web based
  • Security Surveillance System - Web based

Agile Software Solutions' professionals have extensive training and a deep understanding of different industry-related requirements for web application development and software engineering. Therefore, here at Agile Software Solutions, we offer your company not just software consulting and web development service, but a full range of custom software development services that will fit your business needs and budget.