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Technical Communication

We believe that a solution without proper user documentation, installation manuals, source code documentation is not a sellable and therefore a profitable product.

To ensure the proper customer experience, Agile Software Solutions’ technical communicators effectively bridge the gap between the user of the technology and the creator of technology. By implementing industries’ best practices and following a qualified stage by stage Agile Software Development process, we able to create audience oriented technical content in a customized and appropriate format to help you drive business value and customer satisfaction.

Agile Software Solutions Technical Communication service package includes:

Technical writing Technical editing
  • A full set of software technical documentation for all types of audiences, including user guides and manuals, Help systems, installation, configuration, and upgrade instructions, customer release and tech notes, booklets, show-me videos, verified UI text, presentations, tooltips, and software messages.
  • Templates and prototypes.
  • Documentation plan.
  • Checklists for reviewing, editing, and documenting usability testing processes.
  • Brand-new style guides prepared for each project.
  • Solutions for troubleshooting issues in authoring tools, source files and final outputs.
Technical communication project assessment  
  • Technical documentation development and writing processes, including environment, styles, source management, and documentation types.
  • Upgrading, converting, and re-branding the complete documentation set.
  • Training on technical documentation technologies, tools, and best practices.